About Scanglas

Since 1990, we have developed our concept of historical glass – replicas of glass from the beginning of glass blowing history to the 1800’s.

We’re always in the lookout for interesting models, often in collaboration with museums and archaeologists, and together with our skilled glass blowers we try to revive the old manufacturing methods to produce glass with the right feeling. Above all, we strive to produce glass manufactured by finds from Scandinavia but no exciting model is foreign to us.

Through the years we have developed our range to include historical products in other materials. We have a wide range of forged products based on historic models. Moreover, we have developed historical models in bronze and brass from the Bronze Age to the 1700s. We also have various products in wood, leather and ceramics.

We sell our products through a number of selected retailers throughout Scandinavia: museums, castles, shops and galleries with a focus on quality and craftsmanship. We also deliver to many other countries within and outside of Europe.